Music Venues, Restaruants - not the BS late Nite Kind....

by LaurieMac @, B.C. Canada, Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 20:20 (298 days ago)

....just eh good stuff like at Daniels, Or where ever us CDN gringos would enjoy. Been to Bandidos, Coconuts suprizes us with talented locals, but $$ for food and drink ....just wanna hear from you folks that will get us in a cab, outta our All Inclusive Hotels to venues worth cabbing to for a nice song, listen to or dance and sip Margarita or Corona!
Always put the sun and fun first but need some music cuz we are NOT coming down (insert sad face) missing the Guitar Fest! ::jam: : :: :
Be there Saturday! :kingtut:

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