Jan 23rd Shooting In Zihua

by cd69 @, Winnipeg,MB,Canada, Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 20:55 (294 days ago) @ LadyDi54

Same as Rob, I did not hear more than what has been posted and on the news but in terms of ramping up, I am not so sure. It all depends on what period you compare as the 80's were pretty nasty around here. What has changed is the type of violence. It is almost all narco related and the vast, vast majority involve locals, not tourists and when there has been tourists involved, it was something they did that got them in a bad spot and not because of where they were. After working in Ixtapa in the 80's and 90's and been vacationing in Zihua for a long time, I don't see the area as more dangerous for me. But if you are involved in the drug trade, buying or selling, it sure is. If you are involved in politics, good luck to you. If you own a business and make money, it can be a tough place too.

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