United does it again

by tay50 @, Sunday, January 28, 2018, 09:30 (354 days ago)

Received an email from United Airlines this morning indicating a slight change in our itinerary, an additional 10 hours to get home mind you. I have been coming to Ixtapa/Zih for 15 years now and always have taken the same flights and just about the same times every year. So now our trip is in jeopardy or will be shortened by 3 days. I know United will add back into their flight schedule our normal flight back to Detroit after we make all the changes. United works best for us flying out of Detroit, usually 7 hours down and 9 hours back home, which is why we use them. So much for booking 6 months early to get the hotels and flights we wanted. Not sure at this point if we are coming down or if we decide to come how much it will cost for changes to hotels and flights? :rant:

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