United does it again - but they're not alone...

by Roberto!, Sunday, January 28, 2018, 18:10 (359 days ago) @ K&B

I hope you took it up with Alaska’s Customer Service Representatives.

A couple of years ago, Alaska cancelled our flight and re-booked us on a flight which shaved a few days off our scheduled vacation. It wasn’t easy, nevertheless, when the smoke cleared, Alaska gave us a combined travel voucher for US$500, plus allowed us to stay a few days extra rather than shorter which was fine with us.

Alaska’s schedule changes over the past couple of years have made it much more difficult (if not impossible) to get down to a lot of places in Mexico out of Vancouver (YVR) without an overnight stay en route.

Last fall we left out of Seattle but the Alaska flight departs SEA at 5 AM which will get you to Zihua in a day, but is a pain and the return flight usually requires an overnight stay in SEA or LAX. Even one day flights flights to/from Bellingham (BLI) to Zihua are difficult to achieve with Alaska.

We are long time Alaska customers, use their credit card exclusively, have built up a lot of their air miles but are now looking at other options such as Westjet even though one has to travel to Calgary which requires an early morning departure out of YVR or Abbotsford (YXX) if one wants to get down in one day. We’ve also checked other flights such as Air Canada, AeroMexico and Sunwing but their times, schedules and prices are wanting.

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