United does it again - but they're not alone...

by Emmet ⌂ @, Seattle WA, Sunday, January 28, 2018, 19:07 (385 days ago) @ K&B

I would keep on complaining and going to the manager. We had this happen in September when they only flew out of Seattle on Friday's and Tuesday's. We had them send us to SLC where we spent the night and then we flew to Mexico City and down. We were about 30 hours later than planned so not horrible. After many calls and emails, we were re-imbursed for three hotel rooms, dinner, UBER, beach outfits (luggage was missing in SLC), make-up and more. It came to over $1100. We all got vouchers in the hundreds and 5,000 miles. It took time, but we felt it was alright. Oh, and we were on Delta planes going down and every seat has a tv on it for free movies and television.

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