sad but true

by zkaliman, Tuesday, January 30, 2018, 02:10 (387 days ago) @ John Redcorn

I'm with you 100% john. your a wise man. be brave. its ok to leave, if its a bad deal for you, its a bad deal. no ones going to hate you. good on ya ! in fact I wouldn't pause, I would fast forward - I did, I found this really cool place in mexico with an international airport, great warm water, same great friendly Mexicans like here in zihua, inculcated with importance of keeping environment clean. I come to zihua because I bought something I shouldntve bought and fir the moment stuck with it and I have relatives here-but ive greatly reduced my comings. aw man its lovely over there. there I felt like the first time I started to come to zihua long ago. I think you would love it as you like to adventure out. already know where the locals go eat and establishing new crowd and new go-to spots. Heres to new beginnings. and what says you cant come back and visit the zihua crowd. remember to send pictures. Cheers !!!

kinda of off topic, but for the life of me could not figure out why the hell all this drug trade was happening of all places HERE, couldn't they have picked another place, like a god forsaken desert somewhere in middle of nowhere. wondered for a long time, then I saw a show on Afghanistan and drug trade going on for long time there because the mountains help hide their crops - and well zihua has the sierra madre mountains and also can hide crop production. imo zihua mountain region is like Afghanistan mountains good for production so that's why people fight for this area - and local mountains aren't going anywhere and if drug use continues-then this area will always have this situation.

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