Looking for some friendly advice

by Bcbuddy, Tuesday, January 30, 2018, 11:54 (353 days ago)

Hello everyone,hope all is well. So 10 years after getting married in Ixtapa my wife, 7 year old son and myself have decided to buy a beachfront house in the area and spend most of the year there. We have 5 houses lined up to see, from Troncones to Barra de Potosi,all of which have been on the market for 1+years.My question is why so long? Mexican beachfront has been a hot comodity for years, so besides being expensive (cheap compared to Toronto)what is wrong with this picture? We are also considering building our own house and was wondering if anyone here might know a approximate price per square foot to build or would it be to much of a nightmare with all the red tape and dishonest builders? Lastly schools, public, private? Any advice and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks Chris

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