by zkaliman, Wednesday, January 31, 2018, 02:18 (385 days ago) @ Hunter-MX

but au contrair mon ami it does exist, i was there recently for a month.withdrawals from my bank statement tell me so.

id give yall a hint but everyone here on the message board is very sharp and youd figure it out. im trying to be as general about the place as possible- im keeping this to myself - but really its not a secret, plenty of people go there- i mean its got an international airport.

for a while i did do a lot of research on google and was on different message boards of different mexican beach places and just couldnt find any "new" place for me in mexico, during that time i never actually visited any "new" place in mexico, just a lot of reading on the internet and no place clicked- then, i did decide, for my quest, to travel, and i went, over the span of a few years, to try out, colombia,peru,cuba, costa rica, panama, belize all beach places, but they didnt quite hit the spot- i mean i was "raised" on zihua so kinda zihua spoiled. kinda gave up after a long while.

then recently a relative of mine i hadnt seen in a while invited me to go visit in mexico - so i said sure, flew into the airport and like i said it was grand - id really had given up looking, the only reason i went there was just to visit the relative - so it was kinda just lucky coincidence id stumbled into this mexican beach town.

i even bumped into an acquaintance from zihua there, he decided to leave zihua and now lives there, he said he was happy as a clam there.

dont despair, there are many many many beach towns in mexico, not just this particular place i mention where it gave me that "peaceful easy feeling", it couldve easily been another beach town in mexico, just gotta go and check em out yourself and see how you feel.maybe it was just the "change that did me good". but yes the difference is palpable.
Cheers !!!

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