sad but true

by midalake @, Wednesday, January 31, 2018, 08:22 (382 days ago) @ Chiboy

Chicago Comparisons: Crime & shootings are not new in Chicago but statistially the murder rate is much lower than here. Notwithstanding, the shootings in Chicago are primarily located in specific crime/gang areas. You would never go there intentionally and put yourself at risk. Unfortunately here the crime is coming to you. Sad.

No Doubt you have an interest to defend your hometown Chiboy. But stating the "crime is coming you" is off base and a lie at best, but I will only base that on my 29 years of coming here.

Most of the crime here is like Chi town. Happening on the skirts and at times when the normal person is sleeping. Not sure how you can proclaim anything is "better" with an article like below.


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