Barra de Potosi - Achotes Recommendations (Near the Airport)

by LaRusa, Wednesday, January 31, 2018, 11:44 (382 days ago) @ orieroberts

beach enramadas in Barra de Potosi close around 6/ sunset / last client

La Condessa is open for dinners, 6-10 pm or last client

cenadurias in the village open at 7 pm and close 10/11 pm

5 stores in the village, 2 of them stay open till around 8, and 1 is open till 10/11 pm

2 stores have OK selection of everything one might need for a short medium term vacation .

there is Karmens fruit and veggies stand and next door is a seafood coop stand , there is lady who sells chicken ...

every 30-40 minutes there is a pasajera from the aeropuerto to Barra, last ride is around 6 pm

ask your hosts to provide you with the detailed info on the village and the beach , check Robs huge info database,
or ask locals on facebook the group is called Barra de Potosi : Let’s Chat !

Stasya aka La Rusa

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