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As for where to purchase them, any papelería should have most of these items. I like the store on the alleyway called León Felipe where the Escuela Primaria "Vicente Guerrero" is. If you're on Calle Juan N. Álvarez with your back to the museum facing the school across the street and the plaza where the Eco-Tianguis is held each Saturday, just walk straight across the street past the school and the plaza and you'll see the school supply store on the left, same side as the school. It's owned by the same family that also has the convenience store in front of the pier. They're good people.

This is the location of where to buy school supplies in Zihua as posted by Rob when I was asking about it in November, the store is about 3 minutes from Lupitas and the same time to the beach.

We used this store for the purchase of school supplies when we we in Zihua recently. We printed of the list Rob supplied got a price for each grade from 1 to 6 and then we picked 2 sets of supplies for each grade , between the 4 couples. The girl at the store picked our order, and we went to the beach for a cocktail or two. When we came back in about 45 minutes she had all the grades separated and in bags and when she asked who they were for we said we were donating them and she gave us a discount. I think the total for all 12 sets was around 4700 pesos.Great service and great store very easy to do and much better than lugging them down from Canada.

Luckily we had just emptied out large duffel bag as we had dropped off 2 complete sets of turnout gear at the Bomberos from the Fire Department I am a member of.

We filled up the bag walked about 3 minutes to Lupitas and dropped of the school supplies as well as the 140 pairs of glasses we brought down.

Lupita showed us some photos of the people who are very grateful for these donations and took our picture to show these people who the donors were. We have been doing this for a few years and when I asked our friends who were coming down to gather some glasses they did not disappoint. They were so glad that they could help make a huge difference in someones life by doing what seemed very little

Hope this helps and my advice would be to buy school supplies down there, it is a triple win, no extra travel baggage, helps the store owner, helps the children

Enjoy your trip

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