Travel from Majahua to La Saladita

by Canadian Rainbirds ⌂ @, Victoria BC and Zihuatanejo, Thursday, February 01, 2018, 10:13 (312 days ago) @ bobnamy

Thank you Rob.

Are you a like-minded folk? If you want to do some shore fishing and lunch on me shoot me a message. I will have extra equipment you could use. A way of saying thanks for all the info I have gotten (wrong word?!) off this board over the years.

Good word: From Chambers Etymological Dictionary: ". . .past participle of GET, archaic Scottish and American. ." (Also Canadian--we grew up using it home and still do. My English wife had never heard it and thought it strange!)

Now you can add that tid-bit to all the things you know but really don't need to. :-]

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