Barra de Potosi - Achotes Recommendations (Near the Airport)

by KinCT @, Thursday, February 01, 2018, 13:57 (384 days ago) @ orieroberts

We have stayed in that area for two years running (maybe even the same house). There are a few restaurants within walking distance of the end of the runway, and as has been said, they close (stop serving food) around six pm. I don't remember the names if I even ever saw them, but they all do variations of the typical beach menu and I think they're all pretty good. A few more open up on weekends. The bus does run by in both directions (Potosi and Airport), but the 'schedule' is pretty loose. The road to the airport is paved, but mostly unpaved to Potosi - so it can be a rough ride, but it's only $13 to go the whole distance, less to/from where you're staying.

There is a store where the bus stops at the airport, and you can get some things there, mostly canned things, plus beverages of all kinds. The bus to centro leaves from across the street, and service is very frequent. Just be sure you get back from town in time to catch the last ride to the house or you'll be facing an way overpriced taxi ride. If you're in La Barra, you can get a taxi to the house for about $50 - 60, and it's worth it if you're tired.

You can email me privately if you want more information on the area.


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