Playa Larga taxis

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, February 09, 2018, 13:15 (347 days ago) @ victorio

We were at Playa Larga today. We have a favourite taxi guy that we like to use take us there. We made arrangements for him to pick us up at 4:30,like we have done every week since we arrived in October. When we were leaving, the local taxis blocked the road so we couldn't get out. After a short discussion, we were told that our taxi was not allowed to pick us up unless he asked their permission to do so. Our taxi guy then told us that he could still take us there, but we had to use the local Larga taxis to get home. Same thing happened at the Irma a few years ago. Maybe we will just take the combi coming home from now on.

I hope you took pictures or at least got their unit numbers and reported them to PROFECO or at least the municipal authorities so there is at least a record of the incident. The client has every right in the world to request any taxi driver they trust and like to come pick them up at the beach. The taxi mafia is out of control because the politicians won't enforce laws against them, but PROFECO is a federal entity and they can sanction the offenders without fear of political reprisal.

If you made prior arrangements to be picked up THAT IS YOUR RIGHT. The taxi unions do NOT make the laws, and the laws do not say you have to use any particular taxi union or group of taxis at any location. They like to make crap like this up and then intimidate people into believing it's true. Please do not just let it slide or it will continue happening.

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