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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, February 10, 2018, 19:26 (375 days ago) @ ourdub

I agree with Charlie the Cruise Ship Guy and I DO live here for a good part of the year. What taxi drivers go through to earn their living is beyond my ability to determine. On the rare occasions when we do take a taxi we have no problem returning to Zihuatanejo with the taxis available wherever we may happen to be, whether ixtapa, Troncones or Playa Blanca. Having driven a taxi several times in the States I know that every city has its's written and unwritten rules, and there will always be those trying to "beat the system". We try to be ever mindful that we are guests t in this great country which has been generous in allowing us to to make our home here. We pick our battles carefully. Straightening out the taxis, unions, mafia or just plain folks as they may be is not on our list. Seems kind of whiney, to be honest.

I hardly think being threatened and extorted and forced to change taxis from one you trust and have an arrangement with to one you don't know who is threatening you is being "whiney" or trying to "beat the system". The customer should be free to choose to use the service they want. Hiring a taxi to drop you off and come back for you at a prearranged time is a common practice around the world, especially in a remote location such as Playa Larga where one cannot count on finding a taxi available.

These tactics have been scaring away our tourists for years. Everyone including many taxi drivers agree that this type of behavior should not and cannot be tolerated. The instant someone blocks you from being able to move freely you are being kidnapped, and that's how this should be treated.

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