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by Hunter-MX ⌂ @, Troncones, Gro. Mexico, Monday, February 12, 2018, 18:29 (275 days ago) @ debio
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I am in no way flaming anybody or trying to stir something up. But I am curious. Why is enforcing the law a "speed trap"? The highway between Troncones (actually all the way from the toll road in Feliciano) to Zihua is ripe with accidents and bad drivers. Speeding, passing and worse. About a year ago the Federales de Caminos began patrolling, using radar guns and issuing citations. THEY DO ISSUE REAL CITATIONS! Traffic has slowed and things seem better during the daylight hours they are working.

There are a couple of issues though. The speed limit is POORLY marked at best and not at all in most places. There are major drops in the limits at certain points. Through the Pantla interchange, the Buena Vista interchange, near the bottom of the hill up to Zihua and maybe another one. The speed limit on all open autopistas is 110 KMH. It drops to 60 at the interchange in Pantla, 40 in Buena Vista when there was a sign (there is not now) and I am not sure coming into Z because someone painted out the first number, but I think 80. This is an issue and maybe puts it in the "trap" category.

However, I would say I am thankful overall they are there. I used to average 120 or better on that road and have slowed to 110. I think it is a little safer and I am glad for it. I drive back and forth at least a couple times a week.

I have received my citation for 110 in an 80 zone at the beginning of the new enforcement. The officer was polite, respectful and opted to give me a lesser citation than the 1500 pesos or more it would have cost me. I paid only 400. It was paid through a bank and then delivered to the station. A pain in the ass, but official.

The opposite of this was 2 years or so ago when I was shaken down by a different patrol and know of others who were as well. I think this is not happening along this piece of the road anymore.


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