Interjet...Good things must come to an end

by John Redcorn, Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 08:45 (338 days ago)

In the past, I have praised and recommended Interjet on here and other places for their inexpensive fares and luggage policies. Well, looks like they went the route of other carriers and changed policy.

Previously, their low fare tickets allowed 22kg of luggage per passenger. No baggage count just a limit on the weight per ticket. Now, there are three tiered pricing options. The lowest fare is carry on only now (this rate is in line with their old low fare option that allowed checked bags to 22kg). For double the price, you can bring 1 piece of luggage up to 22kg. The third option is more than 4x the price of the low fare ticket, but has a generous luggage allotment.

Bottom line, If you are traveling with luggage, Interjet fares are now comprable with most other carriers, some of those being direct from my departure city. I have looked at numerous dates and destinations and it looks like this increase or change in policy is across the board.

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