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We're first timers to Zihuat, arriving for 2 wks on 27th. Bringing kids and grandkids from frigid Canada. Staying at Casa Rigoletti. Been watching your site Rob, for months now. We are all very excited. Beaches and snorkeling is what we are after. From where we are staying, can we walk to the beach easily with little ones? Is it easy to get to Las Gatas? Any recommendations for a day fishing? Excited to see the beauty of the area in person and not just through Robs lens, although your pix are fantastic. Thanks for any help. Bob

From what I can tell via photos from your lodgings, they appear to be high above La Ropa Beach on the east side of the bay. It might be too much of a hike for little ones to walk to the beach, and more so the return climb. You can probably catch a boat ride to Las Gatas from the south end of La Ropa beach, near the restaurant La Gaviota. Otherwise there are regular water taxis from the pier in town. You can walk to Las Gatas, too, which is how I (68 yrs old) go there. My 7 years old granddaughter could do the walk but her 3 years old brother could not.
I love La Ropa beach, and have had good experiences snorkeling at both the north and south ends.

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