The new road to La Ropa is now open.

by Rsimms @, Monday, February 19, 2018, 13:26 (392 days ago)

Today I felt adventurous and decided to take the new road that connects La Ropa to the main highway. I assumed at some point I would encounter a roadblock but to my surprise I was able to travel all the way to the Highway. I was the only car on the road but there were no “road closed” or “no trespassing” signs . I would’ve thought there’d be a bit more fanfare announcing the opening but surprise, surprise... I know some on this board have been dreading this day (thinking about more busloads of people coming this direction not to mention the ecological impact). I must say, however, it is a beautiful drive and I’m guessing it will knock off 10 minutes for those of us that live in this area when traveling to the airport....

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