by Gregorio M. @, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Tuesday, February 20, 2018, 08:19 (302 days ago) @ Tander

Good luck. Hope you get it back. There have been some pretty amazing stories of people getting cameras, etc. returned if they were lost in a cab. Good that you have some form of identification of the cab. Perhaps if someone who reads this notices the cab they can get a cab company name and number to send to you.
Years ago I left our camera hanging on the back of a chair at after having dinner at Planet Hollwood in Cancun. I didn't realize it until around 11:30 that evening. Tried calling the place but no answer so I jumped into a cab and went back. The place became a nightclub after about 11:00PM and there was a lineup of people outside waiting to get in. I made my way to the front of the line and explained to the security guys at the door what had happened. One of them went in and came back a short while later. He asked me what type of camera it was. When I described it he pulled it out from behind his back and handed it to me. We had spent two weeks in Disney World prior to going to Cancun and a large part of our vacation photos were on the camera so I know where you're coming from. Hope you have the same good fortune.
The funny part was when we returned home and had the film developed (pre- digital) the first two photos were of a very nice looking Mexican lady sitting behind a desk. My wife immediately asked where I had taken them. For a second I thought we had gotten the wrong camera back. Then it became apparent that the staff at Planet Hollywood had some fun with it.

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