The new road to La Ropa is now open.

by dhunsber @, ¡Dondequiera que voy, estoy aquí!, Tuesday, February 20, 2018, 09:02 (27 days ago) @ Labrat
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The Google Sat view isn't new enough to incorporate the "new" road, but isn't the largest part of this project, leveling and paving what was already there?

I've been walking up that road for years, and where the new road exists is apart from where the old, very rough dirt road is. The construction went further towards the coast, and did major cutting through of solid rock along the way. It is indeed a beautifully scenic route.

The area has been great for seeing birds, and that will surely change for the worse.

I had hoped to rent a bike this year to take a ride the whole length of what had been paved, but by the time I could arrange that -in just three days!- it's likely that such a venture would no longer be safe for cyclists.

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