Am I missing something here?

by bouldergene, Tuesday, February 20, 2018, 11:28 (297 days ago) @ Big Daddy Wags

If I understand your post correctly, your Global Entry worked as it should getting through customs. You then had an issue with no precheck line through security to catch your connecting flight.I assume to checked your bags and then went upstairs to the security line for connecting passengers. Security agents have told me that security area is too small and will never have a pre check line. As Labrat has pointed out,you can, rather than going upstairs to the connecting security line, exit the luggage area as though you are leaving the airport. You then go upstairs and can use a precheck line in the regular security area.
Some times the connecting security is not crowded and you can get through quickly, albeit taking your shoes off..... But you don't know until you get to the area. Airline personnel will not comment on the wait in the connecting security line, so you have to take your chances and choose one.

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