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ABC newspaper article

Yeah, saw this announced a few weeks ago. Funny.

The first time they announced alcoholímetros was like 15 years ago. It was all apparently just a scam to get some money budgeted so a few "public servants" could serve themselves a heaping spoonful. I caught them spending something like 3 times as much just on the stupid little throwaway straws that they ordered by the thousands. Then for a few weekends after the straws finally arrived (budgeted funds had to accrue interest in a bank account for a good while, as usual) they would announce in the newspaper or on the radio where they would be set up so as to give fair warning. Even then they let most all the drunks go and soon thereafter stopped altogether because the gangbangers and the influyentes kept getting caught and the cops were getting threatened.

If a cop doesn't get shot or worse by a gangbanger the first night they try doing this they should consider themselves lucky. As much as we need to get the drunks off the streets, there's that little matter of armed gangbangers that our security forces need to deal with first, and they're having a rough go of it.

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