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So someone messaged me on TA for The List that I send out, and I had to point them to my Ghost Email account on Outlook...............because the new TA message service looks about like Facebook Lite and won't allow more than about a third of The List to be transferred.

So please bear will me while Once Again I eat up some of Rob's bandwidth, and post The List that was compiled years back (and has an update about once a year or so) by Ed Kunze, and Paul Phillips of the catch and release Capt. and Boats.

I would also like to take this short moment to say a goodbye to Paul.
When we get there the next round is on us Buddy.


Local Fishing Report can be found here: http://fishreportsixtapa.blogspot.com/

Included here is a list of ZIH Fishing Boat Captains. It's best to book ahead, and deal directly with the captain of your choice:
Don't get a boat from some "coyote" on the street, at the hotel, or on the beach. No telling what you will have if anything when you show up to fish. The same is true of the internet, if they don't have an office, live in ZIH in ZIH or captain the boat you are looking at, then they are a booking agent. You may get what you want but the Captain won't get what he deserves. It is best to book direct with the Captain or through one of the offices on the Paseo. The contacts listed below are requested by the boat captain listed.
Dialing cell phones in the ZIH area dial 044-755 + 7 digit #
Top ZIH Captains
These captains are closely followed by several others in total releases (non tagged fish):

Santiago Valdovinos Olea, panga Gitana,($300, twin 85 HP Yamaha engines & comfortable for 3 adults) #1 in Mexico for the past 7 years on released fish, #3 worldwide for past 7 years total billfish Tagged & Released (over 250 sailfish per year) Home: 011-52-755-554-7812 or Cell: 011-521-(044)-755-111-1302 gitana7812@hotmail.com or gitana@prodigy.net.mx

Adan Valdovinos Olea, panga Gitana II,($250/day) #2 in Mexico for the past 4 years on released fish, #4 for 4 years total billfish Tagged & released, right behind his brother, may beat him this year!! Contact Santiago
Martin Cortez (#1 with NMFS tags for area), Cruiser Gaviota(32’), $425/day Contact Ed Kunze or Santiago
Fly fishing guide Ed Kunze, prior to fly fishing only, he was #12 worldwide., edkunze@gmail.com

Martin, Ed Kunze and several below use NMFS tags.
The Vamanos fleet (31’-35’Bertrams, $425/day)- Vamanos 1, II, III, El Rene, Orion, Jaime Morales(owner) - Contact Ed Kunze or Santiago
The Intruza & Libertad (31’-34’, $425/day), Chiques Hernandez - Contact Ed Kunze or Santiago
Gaby, Margarito Romero (31´ ChrisCraft’, $350/day)- Contact Ed Kunze or Santiago above
Members of the Vargas fleet - Esturion II (38’), Alfredo & Juan; Marlin Azul(31’), Javier; and the Duquesa (42’) --- Alfredo Vargas, Tel. 011-52-755-554-2988 Fax 755-554-4875 Cell: 011-521-755-558-1104
Ahola, Jaime Morales (Owner), "Cali", Contact Ed Kunze
Don Gordo II, Poli Hernandez (38’, $365/day)- Contact Ed Kunze or Santiago above
La Bamba, Jose Vargas (30’, $325/day)- Contact Ed Kunze above
For fishing for one or two, your best bet is a panga. You can figure about U.S. $ 230-240 for the day and that would include everything. The only drawback would be the facilities. Most have only a bowl as in no seat, it is partitioned from the rear area of the boat but open to the center requiring a towel to be held in place for privacy. Making it a little uncomfortable for the ladies. The crews are discreet and can always find something on the far horizon to study.
Pangas below are $210/day standard charters, $300 for tuna trips:
The Dos Hermanos 1 & II, Adolpho & Cheva - 011-521-755-599-3796 or Contact Ed Kunze above

Oleaje, Ramon Olea 011-52-755-554-4311, cell: 011-521-755-559-0440
Joceline, Julio -- Contact Gary Paxton, USA Cell: 214-402-4879, Email: Gary@juliostours.com; For Spanish or English, please contact: Carol Marchant, MEX Cell: 044-755-116-1617, Email: Carol@juliostours.com
Janeth, Arturo (Ptufo) – 011-521-755-111-1007 or Ed Kunze or Santiago Valdovinos Olea above
Tequila, Orlando - Contact Ed Kunze above
Mariana, Refugio Lopez- (Cuco) - Contact Santiago Valdovinos Olea above
Angeles, Jose angel Vasquez - Contact Santiago Valdovinos Olea above
Tijereta, Fidel Wences - Contact Santiago Valdovinos Olea above
3 Hermanos, Armando Arciniega - Contact Santiago Valdovinos Olea above
Sea Horse, Fernando Salas - Contact Santiago Valdovinos Olea above
Oceana, Marcos – Contact Ed Kunze
Zapatito Gordo, Cali or Alejandro – Contact Ed Kunze
Llamarada, Chico Garcia – 755-557-1793

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