Annoying Yatch

by Gregorio M. @, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Sunday, February 25, 2018, 18:52 (294 days ago)

The same big Yatch that anchored off Playa La Ropa several weeks ago is back - along with their sound system. Yes it is a beautiful vessel, yes it has a great sound system, and I like their music. But NOT everyone shares their tastes and it is inconsiderate to say the least to blast La Ropa with loud music. Last time it went on until ~4:00 AM. We're 200' above La Ropa and it sounded like they were outside the condo! I pity the folks staying at at Villa Mexicana.
I doubt there are any enforceable laws here about such things but someone should report them to the harbour authorities..I can't make out the name from here. Unfortunately they probably think they are impressing everyone.

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