Helping Our Almost Forgotten Seniors

by CountryDancer @, Vancouver, Washington, Tuesday, February 27, 2018, 23:15 (325 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Thank you for sharing that article.

I learned of the needs at Casa Maria Asilo back in November. There has been so much accomplished since then as far as cleaning/repairing/improving the conditions for the Seniors.

They do still need size Extra Small and Small clothing for men and women. Size Small and Medium adult diapers and/or briefs (incontinence supplies). My understanding is that it has been difficult to find the small sizes down there.

I'm sending a suitcase down with a friends next month, and I'm headed back down in April with more donations and a plan to volunteer while I'm there. A couple of friends who are very experienced in the field of Senior Care will be joining me.

The updated needs list I received yesterday includes Elastic Wasted Shorts (Men's & Womens size small and medium), T-Shirts, Tops, face cloths, bath towels, terry rags (for scrubbing). They do not need any more soap/shampoo etc at this time (though anything that they get too much of, will be shared with Bet Shalom.)

I think it would be nice if someone could find/donate a TV and DVD player.... so there would be some visual stimulation.

~ ~ Country Dancer

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