What I have learned from this board

by midalake @, Wednesday, February 28, 2018, 14:21 (447 days ago) @ Craig AKA the cruise ship guy

1. Always disagree with Rob as he is a wacko and other things that I should not say.
2. Always bring donations to Lupita and Rob as they do the community so much good and are really good people.
3. Always argue with a taxi driver if he try's to upcharge you 10 pesos and be sure to report him to Profeco.
4. Don't use the Micros to avoid issue number 3 as they are only for the locals.
5. Don't use only one taxi driver exclusively to avoid issue number 3 as it would be unfair to the others.
6. Don't tip like a gringo as it will just create inflation.
7. Any violence in Mexico is extremely scary but you can go ahead and ignore all the killings in the US as they don't count. Saying that a tourist is safer in Zihua than Las Vegas is just plain nuts.
8. Trump is a devil and if anything bad happens it's his fault.
9. Poor US government policy has created the cartel.
10. All drugs should be legal as it will fix number 9.
11. Mahi mahi is ok to eat at a restaurant in Zihua but not in the US as the US consumption is decreasing the stock of mahi mahi.
12. Zihuatanejo is paradise and the US sucks. Dammit, I don't have water, I don't have garbage pickup, they play the music all night so I can't sleep, drunks are outside disturbing the peace and there is no police to come and help…

OK I may actually agree with 2 and 4. It is nice that you are allowed to express your opinion even if it contradicts the web master or popular board members.


YES to ......#3,6,8,10

Others impartial............;-) ;-) ;-)


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