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by cd69 @, Winnipeg,MB,Canada, Wednesday, February 28, 2018, 19:13 (288 days ago) @ Dougschuler

Lights are still in use as of this past Saturday...But the way they use it can be almost comical. I came in very heavy and traveling alone and always wonder why they don't check me every time as I come for 2 weeks with 2-3 large bags/suitcases. But of all the times I have done this, I have only been checked last year and this year. Last year when they scanned the content upon arrival I could see the puzzled look on the person scanning as I had a large box in the middle of one of my large bags with about 75 pair of glasses. So one of his co-worker in charge asked me what this was and I told him. He asked if he could have a look and I showed him and explained I was bringing them for donations. All this took maybe 5 minutes and they never bother with the electronics and other stuff I was bringing.

This year, I showed up with one large hard sided Samsonite suitcase and 2 large hockey bags size. All by myself. Having a hard time carrying it all as this has to be the only airport in the world I have been to where there is no baggage carts before you go through customs. So I put it all through the scanner and then got asked to go to the tables to be checked. I explained that the clothes and shoes were all for donations and the suitcase was my stuff. They look a bit closer to the clothing but when I offered them to take some if they needed it they told me they could not and I was done. They had a laugh when I offered to meet them outside the airport in an half hour after I had my first beer :-) But after closing my bags they asked me to go to the green/red light and press the button. I was like...so what happens if I get red lol...But it was green and I was done..all this took about 25-30 minutes from the time exiting the plane to out the doors of airport. It took me longer in Calgary...

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