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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, March 01, 2018, 12:04 (288 days ago) @ Tere

We have only one TV and have had Megacable for 4 years. When we went to Mega's office, we were told we absolutely had to have the box (and had to have your INE to get the box) if you want to see anything besides channel 2 and 79. They also asked us what colonia we're in, so it's possible they're doing it in waves in different parts of the city. We're in La Noria and folks in Almacen have also had the same problem. Watch out! Could be coming your way! Happy viewing.

I used to be a cable TV tech in another life. I'm pretty sure they don't have enough boxes for all their subscribers so requiring everyone to have one would be a nightmare for them, and for basic service it isn't supposed to be required. That's how places like hotels can offer it without having to have a box with a separate remote control in every room. One signal is emitted for the entire city. It doesn't depend on where you live. So if your TV is missing sections of channels try reprogramming or rescanning or else get a tech to check it. We have 4 TVs in our home and only one uses a box. I refuse to pay 90 pesos or whatever they want to charge per additional box per month.

The reason they ask what colonia you're in is because not all neighborhoods have cable TV installed. For the oldest neighborhood in Ixtapa where we have a house their service isn't available because they've still not installed it. Our tenants have always purchased a satellite TV service, as most of Ixtapa has. Megacable is really missing out on augmenting their customer base of folks who would pay for premium services year round.

FYI we call your "INE" your credencial. ;-)

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