Day One.....Travel

by midalake @, Thursday, March 01, 2018, 20:07 (21 days ago) @ Labrat

Uneventful!! (Except for no Documnents available on the aircraft)

Took our favorite ride to the airport...."Executive Car Service".

So much less stress Knowing that your ride is actually showing up! (Twin Cites MN Taxi service sucks way bad now)

Everything just Peachy at check in to Las Brisas, and into our favorite room. The Sunset was a bit sallow this evening, with our favorite orb being eaten by horizon based clouds.

Every year it seems that I forget how much Cooler that March seems here over Oct/Nov.....or is it my need to bake the Minnesota out of my scrawny frame?

We are thinking Room Service sounds just Dandy and an early night with the noses in books until the eyelids droop...........

Y'all have a fantastic evening! [][/]

Note: on the iPad hitting the MORE button for Emojis a long scrolling list of .[object HTMLImageElement] appears

Keith are here........No sheet!


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