El Parque Lineal

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Having used the "linear park" daily for the past month, I'm impressed how clean, well-maintained and well-used it is. I recall the widespread skepticism when construction began, and the dire predictions that, like most/many public amenities, it would quickly fall into disrepair.
My own concern was that the dozens of exercise machines along the route wouldn't last 6 months in the tropical weather. I don't happen to use the equipment, so have no idea if my fears were justified. A few machines look pretty tired, but I've seen others being used, and that's after.....what?.....6 years?......8 years?
I have no doubt that, like every other public project in Mexico, (or anywhere else in the world), there were a lot of hands in the cookie jar. Nevertheless, Zihua has a well-designed public amenity that hopefully will be available for use and enjoyment for many years.

Along the walkway, very near the church and bridge over La Boquita, a huge tree overhangs the way. The trunk and main branches are covered with the oddest-looking circular and semi-circular multicoloured markings. I assumed it was some exotic tropical species unknown to me. Today, on closer observation, the tree is covered with thousands.....thousands...of wads of used chewing gum!

Speaking of trees, our host has a large, beautiful tree in the patio with the largest leaves I've ever seen. These suckers are easily 18 inches long and 15 inches wide. Dry leaves drop off on a daily basis. In a breeze, the tree makes the pleasantist swooshing sound.....(suseration?). It is a "teca" or teak tree.....apparently, since it is not indigenous to the western hemisphere, one of very few in Zihua.

The concerns with the Parque Lineal were because of the alleged corruption in the exercise of the funds. All those folks walking and running and riding it now could do the same thing before millions of pesos were disappeared on it.

I see you discovered our chicle tree. ;)

Thanks for the photo. It must have been rainy season, 'cuz the canal's dry as a bone now - and I should have written "el parque lineal".
Should we ever drive down again, I'll be watching for more teak trees. Don't expect I'll see many chicles. It's a cute idea....kinda like that bridge over the Seine in Paris, with all the padlocks.
Can anyone comment on the condition of all that exercise equipment along el parque lineal?

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