Insurance..Condo and scooter?

by Fly on the Wall, Tuesday, March 06, 2018, 14:17 (285 days ago) @ Canada1

Not sure about scooter ins but condo insurance is another matter .

Not many carriers to choose from and quite expensive. Based on our experience what you get is basically a tenants package but in US dollars and with low limits ....not sure why in US because then they just convert premiums back to pesos. The coverage is US but I suspect if you have a claim they will likely pay to have it fixed in pesos

But the biggest difference and pain in the butt from what we have experienced is they don't send out renewals . You have to diary and follow up yourself. If someone else has a different experience would appreciate name of broker and ins company used.

We bank with Intercam and they have been most helpful in all our dealings with them. They advertise that they can broker condo insurance but have been waiting for a couple of months to get a quote. Don"t believe the problem is Intercam Ixtapa but it seems to be with their HO. Will have to go back to current broker

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