by HolyMole @, Monday, March 12, 2018, 12:31 (278 days ago) @ DEBMN

Apologies for this sidetrack, but "Mexican Sunday brunch" brings back pleasant memories of the terrific pollo con mole at Dona Celia's in Coacoyul. Sundays only - (hence my moniker) - get there before 1:30 or so, or it's all gone. I think it was 40 pesos last time we were there....including lots of frijoles, two kinds of queso, and delicious tortillas done right there on Dona Celia's woodfire comal. Doesn't get much more authentic than this: you'll probably be the only extranjeros there, rubbing shoulders with Mexican families from the surrounding area. You could even try your Spanish!
We missed Dona Celia's this trip, but for anyone considering an outing, take the Coacoyul "Hacienda" combi, which stops right at the door, on a Coacoyul sidestreet. Don't look for a sign....there isn't's Dona Celia's home. Tell the driver where you want to go. For the well-heeled, just grab a taxi from Zihua.

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