Remodelling Paradise

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, March 12, 2018, 17:42 (10 days ago) @ Rsimms

I can’t speak to the design is I have not seen it. I can’t tell you, however, that Andres Saavedra is an incredibly humble, nice person who has done a lot for our little piece of paradise. Just because someone has a different Design aesthetic doesn’t make them a bad person. Rob, have you met with Andres personally to express your concerns?

Didn't say he was a bad person. But neither he nor anyone else involved with this project has sought the input of anyone we know who use this walkway daily, with the possible exception of the two businesses already invading the federal zone. It's a damn shame that by the time we even found out about it, the project was already a done deal. Just like los cotonetes.

The biggest clamor by the folks who use the walkway daily is they want MAINTENANCE, not to see millions more pesos spent on remodel after remodel, benefitting the builders, architects and politicians while leaving the walkway abandoned until the next politician wants to remodel it. And I don't know anyone except two businesses already invading the federal zone who want to see one more centimeter of beach lost to any kind of construction or pavement.

Anyone who actually knows these beaches and walks this route daily can already point out exactly where this summer's storms are going to wash away parts of the remodel. Not to mention the encroachment onto turtle nesting space.

Frankly I have a hard time believing this project passed the test regarding its environmental impact, but then again this is Guerrero where laws have little significance.

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