3 or 4 more casualties in Zihua area since the weekend

by Casa Juan @, Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 09:19 (9 days ago) @ HolyMole

I try to learn from experiences including what I personally see and learn from people and sources I respect. Living 7 more months in Guerrero than the quote you obviously took the time to find has shown me the true dark side here these include : I personally witnessed two months ago at noon on a Tuesday on the beach road to Playa Saliditas 5 young men with Auto rifles jump up of their new ( possibly stolen) truck directly in front of my vehicle and enter a community meeting with no obvious fear of being seen/apprehended by law enforcement. A politician or would be politician being murdered once a month for three months in Guerrero, the multiple dumping of bodies last weekend in Zihua environs, a friendship with a local government employee who job is impacted informs me that the crime is now starting to show up in muggings of tourists who stay out too late in Zihua.

Yes my view point has changed, but be happy don't worry.

When Amazon Prime ships me my AR 15 and a bump stock I will joint you in worrying about taxi fares and restaurant menus

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