2 New Zihua Area Roadways

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The attached article discusses the new Zihua Playa Larga & ZIH Playa Blanca roadways. Like it or not, they will have an enormous impact on our part of paradise. Guererro has also applied for pueblo mágico (magical town) status. If granted on April 15th, this will also have an affect on the area tourism and will have its proponents and opponents. I see the pros & cons of both issues and remain on the fence for now. .....JB


The new La Ropa road simply opens up a new place for terrible accidents to occur, among other things (police already recovered the first body dumped there this morning). The novelty will wear off once they scrape a few of them up. It complements the Majagua road, which has long been a place for dumping trash and bodies and whose main residents are land invaders. I watched the last batch of streetlamps get stolen on La Majagua road within 3 days of being installed 4 years ago. I predict a similar future for the La Ropa - El Riscalillo road. Once the rains come we'll watch it "evolve". Seen this movie before.

I know the políticos and probably a few La Ropa residents think it's just wunnerful, that it will stimulate local investment as developers want to build condos, times shares and "affordable housing", the three biggest scams in the real estate biz for decades now. Yet I just don't see the logic. Our infrastructure is already surpassed and failing. Land invaders are taking whatever they want without any consequences thanks to having the backing of political parties because politics apparently really isn't about representative democracy anymore, as we can see around the world (though the marches across the USA were indeed quite appealing and promising). We should be imposing a building moratorium until we get our house in order. Ixtapa can't even sell the land it has for sale, and FONATUR still hasn't paid the Ejido of Zihuatanejo for over 400 hectares that's been owed them for over 45 years now. Nothing justifies any development except to make money for speculators, construction companies, folks in the real estate biz, and the "public servants" everyone has to pay off. Construction companies don't hire locals, so there goes the myth of job creation. Instead they tend to bring their own workers from elsewhere, and many of them end up abandoned here without any money (how we acquired much of our population since the 70's).

Same with the Playa Blanca road. Oh boy, a new speedway! And a place to dump things. Same with the road they're going to refurbish between Playa Linda and Barrio Viejo (San José Ixtapa).

That's the way things seem to repeat themselves around here for decades.

Unless we can change the game plan. And that's where the Pueblo Mágico designation comes in and why my wife and I and most of our friends support it. It can be the game changer we need. Although I've always thought the Blue Flag and Playas Limpias things were nonsensical fanfare to simulate what we should be doing naturally (do I really need a government program to tell me how and if I'm keeping my beaches clean? shouldn't I be able to see that with my own two eyes?), I agree with my wife and our friends that the Pueblo Mágico designation could be the catalyst we need to unite the community and the municipal government into doing better, including tackling public security and restoring a modicum of tranquility to our downtown and residential areas. So we're keeping our fingers crossed and working towards making this happen. If we fail to make the grade this time around hopefully we can keep trying. But it will require some major cooperation among citizens and the municipal government.

Pueblos Mágicos

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