You Wanna Go Where?

by HolyMole @, Sunday, April 01, 2018, 17:58 (293 days ago) @ OlsenMN

If you are a resident or long-time visitor to Mexico I highly recommend having this app on your smartphone. Anyone who has ever dialled 911 knows that the calls take too long. With this app you can cut the call down to what it should be because most of the data the operator needs to ask for will be automatically sent. You can even send photos and videos. It is available free on the iPhone App Store and on GooglePlay.

But are the operators still in CDMX, knowing nothing about Zihuatanejo. Because addresses here are iffy/ non existent and we are used to saying "La esquina de Optima en frente del mercado" or "entre Tres Hermanos y
  carnitas uruapan" which are perfect addressesB-) to someone here but to CDMX means nothing.

We took at least four taxi rides every day during our recent 5+ weeks in Zihua. I always gave my directions in Spanish, and I think my accent's pretty good. Thanks to Rob's translation feature, my instructions were grammatically pretty close as well. But it was surprising how many drivers seemed not to know where Paty's Mar y Mar restaurant was, but understood when I said "Cerca los delphines" or where our street was: Calle Alejandrina, which always drew blanks, but worked when I said "La tercera calle al otro lado de la Plaza Kyoto, cerca La Boquita."

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