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by DanCip, Monday, April 02, 2018, 13:42 (1068 days ago) @ Marbella de Chicago

Hello folks just joined your Blog yesterday and have read all of your comments on the Sotavento Resort Condo's (sorry for the long posting). My wife & I had reserved a unit about 2 1/2 years ago and, at this point, we have not put any money down (ironically, Trevor would not take our money at that time - he only asked for a commitment letter from us). We love the opportunity to buy on LaRopa but we've been just as frustrated with the slow progress as it seems all of you are.

Let me give some positive feedback & some updates from what we know.

1) Trevor (who was with the project from the beginning) has always been responsive to our requests for updates. Yes, he's been guarded with his responses, but he's always been responsive. At times he has seemed as frustrated as we've been. Clearly he knows the whole sorted truth behind the failed projects & possible law suits by former "reservers". But we do give him credit for keeping a positive attitude while sticking with this roll-o-coaster project. We figure that if he was involved in a scam down there then he is the worst confidence man in the industry - what con artist would take 6-8 years to rip us off? Then hang around to address & arbitrate lawsuits.

2) My wife & I were down to La Ropa for a vacation 3 weeks ago and there is clearly construction going on. We met with and walked the property with Trevor & the lead Construction Foreman and they shared the updates of their progress and where they are headed next. We asked: Who are the money people? (they will be named soon - they are in the process of setting up a new LLC), Where are the new contracts? (very soon after set-up of LLC), Do they have the Operating Agreement yet? (coming soon with the contracts). Where there anymore issues with infrastructure entitlements? Etc, etc, etc....etc. So it appears that all information is pending on the announcement of who the new finance company will be (heard this before - Yes, but someone is spending money on site as we speak.

3) Construction is definitely re-underway. The work has started down at the beach level in preparation for the beach restaurant. Walls have gone up where and masseuses are gone. There were about 50 construction workers on site with heavy construction equipment (as an aside, and proof that construction has been going on this season - IntraWest (Embrac) next door had posted signs warning guests of construction sounds/noises). Trevor said they hope to have the building elevator in place before the end of this season. Looking to 14-18 more months of work (oh well that could mean 20-24).

That's pretty much what I have to share and would love to add pictures BUT I can't figure out how to paste them into this thread. If anyone can help I will be more then glad to share... (so far in my failed attempt to cut & paste - I've right clicked, then selected "Copy Image", then right clicked "Paste" but sadly received text graphic garbage (, blah, blah..).

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