Catch and Release - Pelican Style!

by Tere @, Wednesday, April 04, 2018, 17:20 (290 days ago)

Yesterday, a low-flying pelican caught one of our fishing lines with his wing before we even left the bay. I slowly reeled in the line to take up the slack as my husband motored the boat over to the bird. He grabbed it by the bill with a piece of material we use to hold fish while we get the hook out, and I cut the line so the struggling bird wouldn’t tighten the line enough to get the hook caught. My husband lifted the bird into the boat and unwound the line from its wing, then put the pelican back in the water and let go of its bill. The pelican gave us the stink-eye and took off. Catch and Release in action! A great start to a snorkeling/fishing outing!

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