Coming back to Zihuatanejo!

by SweetSusy @, Thursday, April 05, 2018, 13:30 (294 days ago)

We are coming back to Zihuatanejo. First – please don’t blast me for speaking what is in my heart….I’m just telling you how I really feel here. My hubby and I had been coming to Z for years, always spending the two weeks after Thanksgiving. Taking advantage of the great weather, but before the crowds hit and high season prices start. We LOVE Z! We were looking for a retirement home or at least a spot to spend the entire winter there. Then we started hearing and reading about more and more crime seeming to take place and we got worried. We have spent the last two years traveling to various other parts of Mexico hoping to fall in love with a place that would steal our hearts like Zihua has done. And we can’t find it. No matter where we go, we find ourselves comparing it to Z and wishing we were in Z! Everything else falls short. So, we are headed back in November. Already looking forward to it. However, we have decided we won’t buy. Once retirement comes in a few years, we will rent for the winter and enjoy our lovely Z as long as we can. I’m still worried about what the government is going to do, if the crime will get worse, if the bay will be polluted. But until then, love you Z and can’t wait to see you again! (Any recommendations for long term, furnished rentals around Madera would be appreciated!)

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