Coming back to Zihuatanejo!

by GolfSuper49 @, Natchez, MS & Queretaro, MX, Friday, April 06, 2018, 18:06 (318 days ago) @ SweetSusy

I am in the same situation SweetSusy. We have our regular house outside of Queretaro but the city and businesses just keep expanding and it has always been our goal to retire (for good) and move to the area. I am not overly concerned but my wife has started to have doubts. The Sierra Gorda area is beautiful but is not the same as the paradise there. Hell, we had El chapo land about 2 miles from the fracc after they cleared a corn field for him, so I guess he knew that this area was one of the safest. I guess we just have to hope that things will settle down over time and like you probably just rent over the winter and then return to SJDR. Good Luck, I'll be there in December!!!

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