Android boxes

by Bcbuddy, Saturday, April 07, 2018, 08:15 (15 days ago) @ Fly on the Wall

Here is the lowdown on the streaming world..1st step, get a android box with at least 2gigs of ram,should be around $100, do not get a apple box or firestick. 2- Download kodi if it is not already on, search YouTube for Kodi builds for more info. 3- Even better than kodi is Terrarium tv, it is a Android app that you can watch any movie or tv show on, easy download that you can even use on your android phone. 4- Live tv is really only useful for news and sports since you can stream everything else commercial free, live tv apps are usually unreliable but the best one is Mobdro tv, a free android app that you can also use on your phone. If reliable news and sports is important to you like myself a paid iptv service is the way to go. I use one called Star tv for $10can a month that gets something like 3000 channels, including Mexican , ppv events, hundreds of sport channels including nhl,mlb, nba and football networks. There are many iptv services out there, search YouTube for demonstrations, just don't use a credit card, pay with bank transfer or paypal. Finally since all streaming is done over the internet make sure you have a good plan, preferably unlimited.

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