Ride Sharing in Zihuatanejo?

by HolyMole @, Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 17:44 (16 days ago) @ hromero

Thanks for this. Lots of points I hadn't considered.
(Since we don't have a smart phone, let alone a cell phone, this discussion is, for us, purely academic).
If the success of services like Uber is a response to poor service, poor driving habits, poor vehicle condition and a lack of security from the existing taxi services, you'd think local taxis would clean up their act.
Having taken more than 100 taxi rides during our recent 5 weeks in Zihua, we experienced a cross-section of local services.....including several wild, erratic drivers, a fairly high percentage of vehicles that needed repairs, (mostly suspensions), a few really grungy cabs, and "bedside manners" ranging from thinly-disguised hostility to very pleasantly friendly. Other than a few white-knuckled rides along La Ropa Road, security was never an issue.

Sounds to me like it's cell phone technology and the ability to pre-pay or charge rides that makes all the difference.

Is there usually a cost saving using these new services? Do you think a service like Uber could undercut Zihua's already-low taxi rates? Do most Zihua taxi drivers own their vehicles? (I'm thinking about a Uber driver's owning their own vehicle as an explanation for better service, safer driving, etc.)

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