Zihuatanejo Free Shore Snorkeling 2018 YouTube video

by dhunsber @, ¡Dondequiera que voy, estoy aquí!, Friday, April 13, 2018, 15:34 (250 days ago) @ juanrojo

Out of this world, Juan and Cheryl!!
The octopi were amazing.
Loved the gorgeous urchin walking along the sand.
One of my favorites is that little fish that reminds me of the Messerschmitt cars.
So much there to see, and so lovingly edited for all to enjoy.

Thank you for how much care you put into doing things right, too.
I took one snorkeling trip this year, near Playa Manzanillo, saw lots of wonderful fish, a few sting rays, one turtle, but no eels or octopi.

Unfortunately, my partner and I did manage to fill our pockets and swimsuits with way more plastic trash than I'd ever encountered during one outing.

Thanks again!


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