Would Gang Violence Decrease With Drug Legalization

by hromero ⌂ @, Monday, April 16, 2018, 12:17 (9 days ago) @ Johnny Briefcase


I am not entirely certain whether it is legalization of drugs or the decriminalization of those drugs that is the answer. It is likely a combination of the two. Drug abuse is not a criminal offense, it is a health issue, in my humble opinion. I have two family members who became addicted to meth and throwing them in jail/prison did nothing to help their addiction. The only thing that turning them into criminals did was push them into social circles which promoted more criminal behavior and pushed them into supporting those criminal networks which prosper because of our failed "war on drugs".

Unfortunately I think the powerful arms industry in the United States is profiting too much from this war on drugs to let it die easily and they are lobbying hard to keep that stream of money flowing in their direction. It is important for U.S., Canadian, Mexican, and other citizens to push their governments towards a saner policy and redirect that money to health care for those people who find themselves addicted. We know that alcohol prohibition in the U.S. didn't work and led to the rise of horrible criminal organizations in the country. It was only after the legalization and regulation of alcohol that those criminal organizations began to lose their power. We have an example of how the combination of treatment, education and regulation of a harmful substance can lead to a successful reduction in abuse; cigarettes. We allow people who insist that it is something they want use to use it, but they now do it with all the information while paying closer to the costs per pack that they should.

I tend to be more for decriminalization than legalization, but I think either would be an improvement over the current failed strategy.

Humberto Romero

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