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by frostbite ⌂ @, Hamilton MT, Monday, April 23, 2018, 16:18 (268 days ago)

We arrived April 5th because we wanted to see the Easter crowds disappear. Interesting! One minute they were there, the next they were gone. The weather was quite a bit cooler than during our December visit. Due, or so I was told, to the cold water close to land. The cold water persuaded us to pass on fishing. Our neighbor mentioned a friend who had to go out 90 miles for Tuna.
Excellent dinners were had at our regular haunts: Daniel's, La Portena, Casa Vieja, Papa Loca, Il Mare, Amuleto & La Condesa. One day, for lunch, we arrived at El Manglar at 11:45 and were denied entry because they were still setting up, so we wandered farther down the beach and ended up at Rossy. Good choice; excellent food and service. Good breakfasts were had at Margarita's, El Bistro Del Mar on La Madera beach and at Joe's. The only less-than-perfect lunch was had at Majahua Palms in Troncones. Quite expensive, we thought, and mediocre food. While many restaurants provide free Pico de Gallo, they wanted 60 Pesos.
For excursions, we went to La Chole. We hadn't been there in quite some time and really enjoyed the museum and the tour led by the grandson of the farmer who unearthed many of the artifacts. This was followed by lunch at La Condesa in La Barra. We finally got to see the "Parthenon". Interesting, but in dire need of maintenance. The regular guard was off, so the mordida was collected by a member of the Navy. The last trip was up the hill behind town. Great to see the area from a new perspective.
Strange experience at Sam's Club: being used to shopping at Costco, which puts your stuff into boxes, I neglected to bring a container. After paying for my purchases, I asked if they might have a bag. "Yes", the checker replied, "1 Peso". I had to pull my card back out of my wallet for an additional US$0.005 purchase!
We're looking forward to our next trip in December.


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