Waiting For Zih Rains

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 20:20 (265 days ago)

Even with the increasing smoke, heat and humidity I believe I'm not alone in enjoying this time of year when it seems we have Zihuatanejo all to ourselves. Most folks have more time than I do to enjoy this time of year, to visit with friends we haven't seen for months and to do things we haven't been able to do much because of work or crowds. The only thing that gets more unpleasant each year is the increasing lack of water and the struggle and increasing cost to try to be able to bathe, wash clothes and keep a few plants from dying. Most people aren't as fortunate as Lupita and me, and they don't have connections and money to be able to have water delivered as often as we do. Many parts of town haven't had a drop of water for a month or so, and I can still count on one hand the number of times we've received city water since Christmas. But even with all the intelligent folks around I'm still a lone voice in the wilderness calling for a building moratorium until we can put our house in order. I haven't heard one other person even mention the word in the 29 years I've lived here watching this problem grow. There are new constructions in La Ropa, new constructions in Ixtapa, and of course new land invasions and new colonias keep springing up on the hilltops. All clamoring for water.

On my way back from visiting a friend in La Madera the other day I couldn't help but enjoy the tranquil scenery. Hardly a soul around but nevertheless several restaurants and streetside cafés were open for business and awaiting clients. So tempting.

While I was topside filling our tinacos late this afternoon a huge fire was raging up the hill we call Huehuetépetl or Cerro Viejo. Gonna be smoky tonight when the breeze shifts from the ocean and starts coming from the sierra. That blue sky was the first blue we've seen in several days, but not for long.

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