Used to visit over 10 years ago, now older w/kids - recs?

by breitgarten, Sunday, April 29, 2018, 11:33 (267 days ago)

hi the wife and i used to visit from 2001-2010
havent since, we've been all over Mexico since and while we liked what we've seen, ix-zih stands out despite
its many warts, problems and security concerns.

we'd like to revisit, i now have 3 kids - 11,9,7 who are active athletic

we like nicer, more upscale hotels/resorts having a kids club is nice but not mandatory

some questions

1. is it safe to come wkids?
2. is late june or early july too warm - will restaurants be closed and the weather too warm??
3. what hotels/resorts do you recommend - we are open to ixt and zih

thank you

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