Used to visit over 10 years ago, now older w/kids - recs?

by The Fez ⌂ @, Sunday, April 29, 2018, 23:39 (266 days ago) @ breitgarten

Our kids are young adults now but we started bringing them to Zihua when they were young starting in about 2001. Made an annual trip, bringing a giant hockey bag full of books and a few boogie boards, and that kept them busy for our two week stays. Mexico seemed to us to be a very family-friendly environment and our kids were welcomed everywhere.

We didn't need an upscale hotel and found a couple of nice places with pools and beach access on Playa La Madera that suited us perfectly. A walk every evening into town or along Calle Adelita for dinner made that location ideal for us. We always found that Zihua was a very affordable spot for a family vacation and our kids have very fond memories of those past trips. They have still joined us occasionally over the last several years and feel right at home in this little piece of paradise.

We continue to return and have never, ever felt unsafe, albeit for the times where we have an overnight layover in either Seattle or LA where, as everyone knows, there are a lot of crazies that are somehow permitted to own guns and the risk of random violence is far higher than our home city.

I would not hesitate to travel to Zihua with kids - they will appreciate and remember those trips for a long time to come.

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