A second 2018 Free Shore Snorkeling "slideshow" video

by juanrojo @, Monday, April 30, 2018, 14:48 (269 days ago)

This is a second Zihuatanejo Free Shore Snorkeling video for 2018 called, Zihuatanejo 2018 Free shore snorkeling photos. This one is a slideshow style collection of photographs. This year's live action video and other year's videos are all similarly named to aid internet searchers. I did add, Idle Idyll Idols to one title in 2016.

This year we more fully discovered many very small creatures and fish and very small anemones and a few larger ones. The very small fish with the colourful faces that live in tubes are types of blennies, I believe, and many brown, Banded Blennies of larger sizes abound.

The Rainbow Cortez wrasses are the long thin fish featured in many stages along with many other long thin wrasses like spinster and banded and Rockmover Dragon wrasses and many that I don't know identities.

The bay is very full of MANY types and stages and colours of Pufferfish from spiny porcupine fish through solid yellow to purple with white spots, Guineafowl pufferfish and Whitespotted pufferfish and many shapes of spiny types from teardrop to very long and large. These fish are often in loose schools of adults and sometimes mixed species schools.

Another major group of fish are Damselfish of many types and stages and colours including the blue Giant Damselfish so prominent at Las Gatas and the smaller brown ones called Beau Brummels, I just learned, and the yellow and blue diagonal juveniles.

After a month of searching we did find some seahorses in three separate spots along the south shore towards Las Gatas.

Just past the five minute mark in this video I tried to post, single, clear, profile photos of 60 or 70 species, and some more in stages of development.

I have posted pictures in a Facebook snorkel group and have been amazed to see Moorish Idols also in Hawaii or dragon wrasses also in Indonesia. I realize it's the same big pond but still this is very interesting to me. Some other species would appear to be identical to Caribbean cousins as well.

Roberto, Please share or modify the post as you wish.

All identifications are only best guesses and open to discussion.


Please be happy always

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